Monday, January 5, 2009

Basement Demolition Begins!!

After a week long of sorting, trashing, storing and moving we got the basement cleared enough for the Sanitizing crew to come in and begin clean up. Below are a few pictures of what my basement looked liked before and after the walls were torn down. I also had the opportunity to pretend to be one of those people on HGTV, I grabbed a mallet and began pounding away at the drywall. (They wouldn't let me use a sledge hammer though) sniff! sniff!
(Doorway from laundry area)
(Small storage room)
After the demo they sprayed special sanitizers to clean and remove and mold that may begin forming. They also brought in 14 turbo fans to help speed up the drying time, unfortunately, that process also knocked down the temperature 7o degrees to 50 + degrees this morning. Brrrrr!!!
The kids and I will be staying at my mom's the rest of the week and hubby is going to tough it out and work around the house.
(Same Doorway)
(No more walls)

(I'm pretending to be Bob Villa)

(Being Goofy)

The plumbing crew arrives next Monday to begin opening up a portion of my basement floor so they can begin repairs on the sewer. That should be interesting.....

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