Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coffee anyone?

My inspiration for these cards came last night as I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee trying to stay warm in this -30 degree temperature.

The main ingredients in all of these cards are the new Greengrocer's Brown Bag Cardstock available through The sentiments were printed on my Epson printer and the stamps came from Inque Boutique & Impression Obsession, and Gel-A-Tins. I picked up the stamp that looks like a Starbuck coffee cup with the three little boxes some years ago at a going out of business craft store, unfortunately I can't make out the manufacturer :(

I couldn't find a background I liked for the card above so I designed one for myself using reasons "Why coffee is better than a man". LOL (amazing what you can find on the Internet!)
I printed them on GreenGrocer's text weight cardstock and VOILA instant custom pattern cardstock!

I'm currently waiting for an order to arrive from Card-scents, they've got these amazing specially formulated scents just for cardstock! HOW COOL IS THAT? I'll add a little to my cards and I'll truly have a "scent"-ational card for my friends.

Of course they've got just about every imaginable scent so I've ordered a few to test the waters. I can't wait!

After all this coffee talk I think its time for another coffee break.

Just in case you're wondering about the coffee cans pictured above, if you love strong coffee and I mean you LOVE and can handle STRONG coffee then I totally recommend Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee, I pick it up at a local store Istanbul Market and they do have online shopping! You can prepare it the American way using your coffee machine but if you want to truly indulge in the tradition you can prepare in a Cezve (Turkish coffeepot). Another favorite is New Orleans very own Cafe DuMonde Coffee, enjoy a cup with some of their Beignet mix and you'll feel as your in the French Quarters. :)
Now it's really time for COFFEE!

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Meghan said...

These are adorable!!!!