Monday, January 12, 2009

Let the Demolition Begin!!

After a week of feeling as we were sleeping outside the sanitation crew finished demolishing the walls and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected all the concrete walls and floors. Even better they finished removing all the turbo fans yesterday morning. YEAH! Today the plumbers arrived and they've begun the jack hammering the floor to get to the sewer line.

After the first 15 minutes I decided if I was going to endure the noise the entire day I needed to retreat to my room plug in my headphones and raise the volume as loud as it goes! Unfortunately, the jack hammering still sounds as if it were being done right next to me. LOL

I'm also envisioning what my future studio will look like hoping this will make the time go by faster.
Here's a picture of our plumber friend working away.

All that noise and there's barely a dent in the floor!

This is part of our BIG problem, this portion of the sewer was shattered and waste's scattered around. YUCK-O!


I'm scared to know how much this is going to run us!!

Time to start selling more cards, by helping hubby I'll help myself so I can get my new studio sooner!!

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