Monday, January 26, 2009

My Haven!

Wow, I just realized I have not posted anything since last Wednesday, shame on me!
I haven't had a chance to create any new cards since my last post so instead I thought I would show some pictures of my little corner of paradise. It's not very much (for now), its a small 12'x12' spare room and believe me when I say it's filled to the rim with every tool, marker, cardstock and electronic device you can imagine. Once the basement is finished I'll have more room with plenty of wall units and counter space so I can create my little heart out.

For now though, I'm content with what I have:

(My designing table with everything I need within reach)

(Wall Decor, once I get my new room I'll be able to put up shelves to show off my work) (My cutting station)

(I got these drafting credenza from Mark's old office. They were going to toss it out!)

(This baby holds many stamps, embellishments and cardstock collections)

(I love this piece of furniture from Bestscrapbookshelf)(My trusty printer and computer, I can NOT live without them)

(A better shot of my desk. Yes, those are more stamps hanging in 3 tiers!)I'm also a Smallville fan, can you tell? :)


Meghan said...

I am green w/ envy.
I have a cabinet & a dining room table.
That's it.
I wanna come over & play.

Galacards said...

OMG! My husband is begging me to get rid of some of these things! I design P/T at a local stamp store and instead of getting paid $ I get paid in store credit and a nice % off. The way I see it, I'm supporting my addictive habit. LOL