Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drum Roll Please.......

Thanks to everyone who participated in Cut Card Stock's Blog Hop Giveaway.

I had so much fun reading everyone's comments.

I was amazed at how many of you enjoy the silence when creating. I tried that Friday night and I've got to admit it drove me crazy :) I think it's because I'm so used the the kids running around all day so when it's quiet I crave for some kind of noise to keep me on my toes. LOL

Anyhow, I'm sure your interested in knowing who is the winner from my blog so here it is:

Here are your random numbers:26
Timestamp: 2009-02-17 00:12:30 UTC

Congratulations to Elizabeth, you were the 26th person to leave a comment.

Please email me at cuamor@gmail.com so we can send you your prize package.

This is what you will be getting:
(Brown Bag Hand Tinted & Kraft Assortment Pack 12 Sheets 8.5x11)

(Basis Cardstock Sample Pack 20 Sheets 8.5x11)
(Kraft Brown Bag Envelopes 25 pack in a A7 sz )
Have a terrific day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was also a big day for my daughter Miranda. We dropped off the boys at grandma's and had an official, "SPOIL ME DAY" just for her. She went to get her hair cut for the first time at Kids Snips then she got to pick out some patterned paper at a local scrapbook shop and then she got her ears pierced! OMG, did she cry! Thank goodness it once her adrenaline kicked in all she wanted to do was shop at Claires. LOL (Just like a girl)

Daddy bought her a bunch of necklaces and hair clips, a hello kitty purse and some pretty nail polish and flavored lipstick. She won't let me take her picture today because she says her ears hurt so as soon as she lets me I'll post some pictures of my big girl.

In the mean time, here's the card I gave to Mark, it's on the "wild" side! I used a stamp set I ordered just for this occasion from Pink Papery Studio. I have to admit she did take a long time to make but it's because I used several layer of glossy accents to give the glass a true dimensional look, in between layers I also dabbled some of PPS shimmer it paint. Just the right touch gave it the illusion of Champagne. I tried to capture the effects as best as I could but this is definitely something I am going to have to work on. In the meantime enjoy your day with your sweetie and for all the single ladies go shopping and spoil yourself silly today.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Card Making Day at School!

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to teach 5th - 7th grade girls at Malik's school an intro to rubber stamping and how use them to create greeting cards. Eight out of the nine girls were completely new to the "stamping" world, I have to admit these girls blew me away! Every single one of their cards were phenomenal below are pictures of them hard at work unfortunately, because we were running out of time and we had the bus drivers waiting for them I forgot to take pictures of their finished work. I've asked the principal to take some pictures for me so hopefully I'll have that on tomorrow's post.

(Here are the cards I designed for the girls. Easy stamping, with lots of coloring and detail cutting and dimension)

(These are our 7th graders listening to me give the instructions for their 1st card)

(Our 6th graders focusing on their card)
(Our 5th graders in action)

(Manka, (the one on the right) is my little stamping sidekick)

I think I converted Selvi (Manka's mom & my good friend) into a stamper! Woo-Hooo!
Even the boys wanted a shot at stamping, we had to kick them out this time.
I think the next class will have to be a co-ed stamp class. LOL

P.S. If you're looking for the sign up for Cut Card Stocks' Blog Hop click here! Remember it ends 2/14/09 so follow my blog for a chance at some cool prizes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My name is Chilly Willy, I'm frozen through and through! My head is hot, my feet are cold... HA HEEEE ACHOOOOO!

Well the weather has finally started warming up in Chicago and of course now I've got a cold!

Miranda is doing much better however, because she loves us so much she shared her germs with Ian and with me. Now it's our turn to mope around the house with sneezie, watery eyes. JOY!

I haven't had a chance to finish my next card and this afternoon I'll be teaching at Malik's school the joys of card making to 5th - 7th grade girls. It should be fun. Stay tuned for the outcome :)

Have a great day!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sneezie, Wheezie, Little Girl

The joys of motherhood, waking up in the middle of the night to crying 2 yr old!

My baby came down with a cold and her stuffy nose kept her and I up half the night. Of course, by the time she finally fell asleep at 6:30 this morning Mark and Malik were waking up to get ready for their Klondike event for the Boys Scouts. There goes my sleep!

Well, they finally left, Miranda is finally sleeping comfortably and Ian should be getting up shortly.

In tribute to my sneezie daughter I put this little card together, it seems to fit the moment just right. hee! hee!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

It's a Valentine's Day Blog Hop Party!!

Hey everyone,

Have you heard of Cut Card Stock? They are an amazing online store that carries a wide variety of cardstock including my personal favorites the “Stardream” collection and Green Grocer’s Brown Bag products.

Cut Card Stock is having a blog hop party February 6th- 14th.

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I enjoy listening to songs from the 80’s!
How about you.....

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Want to see what you can create with Green Grocer's products? Check out my previous post.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Watercoloring Technique

I've tried water coloring with stamps several time however, I was never satisfied with the results SO I decided to take a class a local stamp store to see what I was missing in my technique.
WATER! That was the mistake I kept making, I didn't dilute my colors enough causing them to fight for 1st place with one another and creating a "muddy" appearance. (Can you picture these colors fighting? hee hee)
I've got to admit, I was very happy with 4 out of the 3 cards! *The 4th card needs to go back to the drawing board :)
The stamps used were English Countryside set 1 and set 2 from Art Impressions.

(These are the 4 cards I made)

(These are the 3 cards I liked the best)

I used Marvy Markers to stamp the main image (huffing technique), I also used this same technique to stamp on the leaves & branches however I stamped off first to create a 2nd generation image, I soften my lines with a damp fine tooth brush. I also used a fine tooth brush and a wide brush for adding color to the background and to blend in the foliage. It's handy to have a palette to mix your colors and plenty of paper towels to blot off excess water from your brush and to stamp off images to produce 2nd & 3rd generation images. Remember, watercolor paper works the best for this technique because it absorbs the colors and allows them to blend.

Now I just have to keep on practicing.....

I've gone Digi Stamp!

Okay, so I've tried my very first one!

I've been reading and seeing cards designed with Digi stamps however, I was a bit apprehensive about trying it. After all, I'm a stamper, I like having the option of selecting my different types of inks and colors. However, after seeing more and more beautiful cards designed using Digi stamps I decided, "What the heck!"

OMG! I love them!

I tried out Alice Anya DS from The Greeting Farm, it took all but a few seconds to receive my download with this adorable image. I was able to play with sizing and if your the computer savvy kind you can even color the image right on your desktop. I printed it on my laser and my ink jet printer using various types of card stocks to see what effects I liked and didn't like. My fav by far was the option of printing on Quartz Stardream. Inkjet printers don't dry very fast on stardream card stock giving you the option of throwing on some embossing powder for a raised effect. I love it!

Here's a quick little card I threw together to send to a friend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'll always be behind you

After exploring and joining several groups on PCP I decided to enter in my first challenge.
Pink Cat Studio is having their 1st DT Challenge for 2009.
Here are the details:

Challenge Description
Since Valentine's Day is coming up fast, I have a LOVE themed Challenge for you! But this isn't any old love themed challenge, this is a special one! My challenge for you is to create a card or project with at least four elements (you can have more if you would like), but four of your elements have to spell LOVE. For example, you can use Layers, Ovals, Violet, and Embellishments; see spells love. Or you could use Lily, Owls, Very pretty sequins and Emerald brads. Spells love. The possibilities are endless and yes, V can stand for very! Just remember that four of your elements must spell LOVE. Have Fun, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Date the challenge ends:Tuesday February 10th, 5 pm EST

A Pink Cat Studio stamp must be used as the main stamp on the card or project. It is okay to use stamps from other companies as well. Your entry can be a card or any type of 3D project.

To be eligible for the prize you must upload your card before the deadline to your PaperCraftPlanet gallery and include the tag PCSDTC1. You may enter only 1 project for this challenge.If you have questions about this challenge, please post them in this discussion thread.

On February 11th, a winner will be chosen by a random draw from all of the challenge participants. The winner will receive a grab bag of Pink Cat Studio stamps. The winner will be announced in the PCP challenge discussion thread and on the Pink Cat Studio blog. Some cards from the challenge will be displayed on the PCS blog and all entries will go into the PCP gallery.

I got creative using the elements of, "LOVE"

L - Long Walks L - Lots of Layers
O - Open Heart O - Olive Chalk
V - Very best friends V - Velvet (Doodlebug Crushed Velvet flock)
E - Essence of Rose E - Embossing

Lily & Billy stamps (Pink Cat Studio), Cherry Blossom (Rubber Stampede) Grass (Stampscapes), Ink (Versafine), Embossing (Clearsnap), Flock (Doodlebug), Markers (Copic), Chalk (Pebbles), Quartz Stardream Cardstock , Blue & Brown (DCWV), Rose scent (card-scents)
I "love" versafine because of its detail it produces however, it doesn't dry very well on stardream since its a coated cardstock so I found a way to make it work to my advantage, just sprinkle some clear embossing powder and Taa-Daa! Crisp detail with embossed detailing!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Paper Craft Planet

Last week I fell in love with the the, "Lily & Billy Sweethearts Stamps" from Pink Cat Studio, so of course I purchased them. After receiving my confirmation I received a thank you from P.C.S and they suggested I join PaperCraftPlanet.com to join on challenges and contests. OMG!! I can't believe I had never heard of this site before!! I LOVE IT!
This site has it all for all you stamp/ paper craft lovers.
I won't go into details, I'll let you discover it for yourself just trust me you'll love this site. If you do join stop by my site and add me a friend, http://www.papercraftplanet.com/profile/Vianney