Thursday, February 5, 2009

Watercoloring Technique

I've tried water coloring with stamps several time however, I was never satisfied with the results SO I decided to take a class a local stamp store to see what I was missing in my technique.
WATER! That was the mistake I kept making, I didn't dilute my colors enough causing them to fight for 1st place with one another and creating a "muddy" appearance. (Can you picture these colors fighting? hee hee)
I've got to admit, I was very happy with 4 out of the 3 cards! *The 4th card needs to go back to the drawing board :)
The stamps used were English Countryside set 1 and set 2 from Art Impressions.

(These are the 4 cards I made)

(These are the 3 cards I liked the best)

I used Marvy Markers to stamp the main image (huffing technique), I also used this same technique to stamp on the leaves & branches however I stamped off first to create a 2nd generation image, I soften my lines with a damp fine tooth brush. I also used a fine tooth brush and a wide brush for adding color to the background and to blend in the foliage. It's handy to have a palette to mix your colors and plenty of paper towels to blot off excess water from your brush and to stamp off images to produce 2nd & 3rd generation images. Remember, watercolor paper works the best for this technique because it absorbs the colors and allows them to blend.

Now I just have to keep on practicing.....

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Janet Bagnall said...

Vianney - these are beautiful and you have done an awesome job with the watercoloring. I have always had a difficult time getting mine to look right as well, but I just keep practicing - I may need to take your lead and enroll in a class. Have a great day.