Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've gone Digi Stamp!

Okay, so I've tried my very first one!

I've been reading and seeing cards designed with Digi stamps however, I was a bit apprehensive about trying it. After all, I'm a stamper, I like having the option of selecting my different types of inks and colors. However, after seeing more and more beautiful cards designed using Digi stamps I decided, "What the heck!"

OMG! I love them!

I tried out Alice Anya DS from The Greeting Farm, it took all but a few seconds to receive my download with this adorable image. I was able to play with sizing and if your the computer savvy kind you can even color the image right on your desktop. I printed it on my laser and my ink jet printer using various types of card stocks to see what effects I liked and didn't like. My fav by far was the option of printing on Quartz Stardream. Inkjet printers don't dry very fast on stardream card stock giving you the option of throwing on some embossing powder for a raised effect. I love it!

Here's a quick little card I threw together to send to a friend.

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