Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cut Card Stock Giveaway

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Randomly drawing on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Playing catch up late 2009

Late! I'm Late! I'm very, very, late! Story of my life! LOL
Going through my pics I thought I throw up some cards created in late 2009. I don't have the info on them anymore so not much description is available, I just thought they'd be cute to share. :)

I was asked to make this condolence card for a mother who had just lost her newborn baby to SIDS. This is a picture of mommy & baby's hand.

These were made for a friend who had just joined Mary Kay. She's using them as Thank You's for her hostess's.

Here are my pain's *errghh children* October 2009

Our Pumpkin creations for 2009

Class treats October 2009

Cards using a technique I picked up somewhere using plastic wrap and decorative hand towels. (Sorry this is one I'm at a loss for!)

Baby Shower invites I was asked to create using
the baby's actual ultrasound picture.

Card made for my brother- in- law

Card made for my BFF

Christmas cards for 2009
*I got a chance to use the new airbrush compressor my hubby had gotten me*

Designs used for Christmas cards (2009)
I can't believe I sent out 75 cards!

So there you have the late part of 2009. Now I get to dig out my early 2010 creations and start posting away. :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

So did I leave you wondering how my room turned out? :) Here's another pic of the MESS! Sadly, I can't blame anyone else because this is all my junk *ergghh* stuff. :)
This is just one section, imagine 3 out of the 4 corners looking like this AND the closet?? I couldn't walk in or get anything in OR out.) Sad, I know! Mark said I need an CA program (Crafters Anonymous) LMAO!
Here's Mark working away, BTW... Repainting over dark colors STINKS!!!!! Mark had to prime it 3 times to get rid of the dark red paint. Boyeee, he was not a happy camper. *love you honey!

Finally, painting is done and tape is being removed!Now it's time to begin organizing or in my case REorganizing

Yes, I parted with 3 boxes full of goodies! Though it broke my heart to say goodbye, I'm happy to say that our local Nursing home LOVED everything. :)

Slowly coming along....

Here's my room! TA-DA!

Funny, how I've never really paid attention to the color Orange until my middle child Ian came along. He LOVES the color Orange and insists everything he wears has some kind of Orange color. I guess it grew on me. LOL
I love my main work station, everything is within reach! Though I'm already contemplating on new ideas and possibly repainting the drawers to either white or brown. What do you think? I love suggestions!

My paper section, this is some of the card stock I have the rest I had to pack into boxes. I still have 2 more wire racks in the basement unfortunately, I don't have the space for them up here. Yes, have 2 clip it up's, that was the nice part of working at a small stamp store. Whatever the owner didn't carry he let us use his wholesale account to order for ourselves.

The far side of the pic has by Bazzill Bling Card Stock. I picked up the packs of 50 at 50% off a few years ago through I LOVE my deals! The other side (pic above) contains my metallic card stock line, I order these from and Great prices and in BULK! This is what I use the most for my invitations.

My cutting table has a shelf with all my trimmers while my industrial cutter and my Sizzix Big Shot Express. Mark also made me French Board that coordinates beautifully!

My Copic collection, some Copic refills any my Marvy & Kodomo markers.

My dad made me the acrylic rests, I designed it so it holds the original Copic boxes but the markers are a slight angle for easy reading and it has a nice size lip at the bottom to hold my currently used ink pads and stamps.

Some of my fav pics.

Some more of my favorite things.
I'm still not done! Is anyone really ever done? I just ordered a dust cover for my Cricut Expression and I'm having some vinyl words done for my walls. I'll have to retake pics once they've arrived and Mark puts them up for me. :)
It's an addiction I swear! I still have SOO much stuff in the basement but at least the frequently used things are up here. I need to take a better picture of the closet and then I'll post it up also.

Hope you enjoyed my little Orange studio! Ian LOVES it but Miranda is upset because it's a "Girls room" and it should've been Pink (her favorite color) LOL

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hello Again!

WOW! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've been slacking in my creative world. It seems anything that "can" happen "has" happened. Do I even make sense? LOL
Life happens right? The past 1 1/2 yrs have been really busy, my little boy is now in Kindergarten. You'd think 2 kids in school would give me more time to indulge in my craft right? WRONG!! My youngest daughter is still with me so my time consumed with spending quality time with her and concentrating on homework and after school activities with the boys.
My "once" organized craft room totally became a "catch-all" for everyone barely leaving me room to come in sit and surf on the web. What about card creations? HA! I had to dig out what I needed and my dining room table became my craft table.
Did all the clutter prevent me shopping though? HECK NO! So add that to the mix and what do you get? A MESS!!

I decided enough was enough this past spring so I ever so slowly began taking out "non-craft" related items then life happened again and we were in a car accident. Thank goodness other than some bumps and bruises my children were okay, unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky so that put "EVERYTHING" on hold in my life. :(
I'm very limited on what I can do now though, I went from Ms. On-the-go to moving around like a turtle with the flexibility of a stick!

My hubby's attempt to get my out of my funk did re-ignite my passion for crafting though! For my bday he repainted my craft room and designed a functional closet system. It became a family affair when my two sisters came over to help him while I sat & laid down wishing I could partake in the fun.
Here are some pictures of their work in progress.

Mark worked day and night throughout the weekend and he didn't stop there. Because of my limited mobility/ flexibility he built me a cutting table customized to my height so I won't have to bend when using my cutters.

So how did it turn out?
More to continue.....................

Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We're getting ready to leave to the Dell's on our mini-vacation.

The kids are so excited to go see Yogi Bear. I've got to admit of all the campsites we've stayed at over the years Yogi Bear is by far the coolest, CLEANEST camp resort around.

This year I decided to order some of Mark's favorite spices and sauce from our favorite BBQ joint, Iron Works in Austin, Texas.
The brisket is to die for.....
For those who know Mark, you'll understand the card I made for him this year. For those who don't know, once the warm weather arrives 80 - 90% of our meals are cooked on the grill. Mark loves and I mean LOVES grilling! He makes everything from your traditional BBQ meats to grilled banana's, pineapples, veggies, etc....

The man even made an omelet just for the heck of saying he did it! LOL

Here's his card along with some of Iron Works products. I need to package it all so its ready for the kids to give to him Sunday morning.

Happy Father's Day!

Apron and Chef stamps are from too much fun rubber stamps

to make it more realistic I stamped the apron on white linen cloth and I also stuffed the top of the chefs hat. The sentiment is foiled in red.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last day of school at Six Flags Great America

What a way to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation! SAC celebrated by taking the kids to Six Flags in Gurnee, IL.
It had been years since Mark and I went so we decided to tag as chaperone's. Let me tell you though, we were the "COOL" parents. Why? Because we were the only two not only getting on every roller coaster with our kids but we dragged them to the first seats of the first cart on every ride! The kids were a bit nervous at the beginning but we told them the only to get over there fear was to get on the scariest ride first and face their fears. They did it and boyeee did we convert them into roller coaster junkies!! LOL
The school left around 3pm but lucky our kids got permission from their parents to stick around with us until it closed at 9pm. Around 8:30 we were quite a site to see, all of us were dragging our bodies across the park on the way back to the car.
We indulged in day of roller coasters, Italian lemonades, burgers, funnel cake and more.....

What a great way to start off the summer!

Malik, Abraham & Zack getting ready to go on the Superman coaster

My hubby and me waiting in line for the Superman coaster

So how were we the next day????
35 years of roller coasters, bungee jumping all came back to haunt us the following morning. Sports creme and Motrin did absolutely NOTHING to alleviate the soreness in our backs! OUCHIE!!!

.....but the boys had a blast and that made it all worth while!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Warm Weather!!

I just had to show off my prized Peonies. These are from Asian Peony tree that grows 3' - 4', the flowers it blooms are "MAMMOTH" size, the picture below shows a close up, the largest Peony it blooms this year had a 10" diameter!

Malik's lounging around with our neighbor Christian after an afternoon of swimming.

Lunch Break for my munchkins!

After playing with the sprinklers Ian, Miranda and our other little neighbor Alex are chilling inside their clubhouse and big brother Malik watches over them.