Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last day of school at Six Flags Great America

What a way to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation! SAC celebrated by taking the kids to Six Flags in Gurnee, IL.
It had been years since Mark and I went so we decided to tag as chaperone's. Let me tell you though, we were the "COOL" parents. Why? Because we were the only two not only getting on every roller coaster with our kids but we dragged them to the first seats of the first cart on every ride! The kids were a bit nervous at the beginning but we told them the only to get over there fear was to get on the scariest ride first and face their fears. They did it and boyeee did we convert them into roller coaster junkies!! LOL
The school left around 3pm but lucky our kids got permission from their parents to stick around with us until it closed at 9pm. Around 8:30 we were quite a site to see, all of us were dragging our bodies across the park on the way back to the car.
We indulged in day of roller coasters, Italian lemonades, burgers, funnel cake and more.....

What a great way to start off the summer!

Malik, Abraham & Zack getting ready to go on the Superman coaster

My hubby and me waiting in line for the Superman coaster

So how were we the next day????
35 years of roller coasters, bungee jumping all came back to haunt us the following morning. Sports creme and Motrin did absolutely NOTHING to alleviate the soreness in our backs! OUCHIE!!!

.....but the boys had a blast and that made it all worth while!

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