Monday, December 29, 2008

Flooding in Chicago in December???!!!

Yes, this picture is from our area! I can't believe how crazy the weather has been in Chicago. The first few weeks in December brought us more snow than we've seen in quite a few years, along with the snow we had record low temperatures. The snowfall caused schools and businesses to close the week before Christmas and just when you think it can't possibly snow anymore the temperatures then jumped overnight to 62 degrees a record breaking event for temperature in Chicago "in" December since the mid 1900's. Along with the warm weather came a downpour 1.5" of rain water, add that to almost 20+" of snow accumulation on the ground. What does that equal? Flooding throughout the Chicago area!!

Flooding in Chicago is normal during the late spring and early summer season but in December??

So why am I blogging about this? Because in almost 10yrs I've been at my house other than seepage I've never dealt with flooding UNTIL NOW! It was only a few inches but a few inches throughout the ENTIRE basement and it was sewer water that just sat there for 16 hours before we realized it had flooded. We lost a lot of items we stored in the basement but worse was the mucky cleanup we had to handle after the plumber left. We are now waiting for our insurance to determine what and how much they are going to cover. Our walls look lovely! I can't wait to knock them down. YUCK!
We've lost a lot of items including 3 machines I use for my cards, paper I also use, Mark's prized comics, 2 mattresses but my personal biggest loss was an outdoor fridge I had given Mark for father's day this past summer. I saved up so much to be able to buy it for him since he loves grilling and being outdoors in the summer that hurts me the most! Hopefully, it will be something I'll be able to recover and replace.

Mucky Sewer Water, yuck!
After the water was drained out, the wood panels wall are totally warped!
The epoxy paint came off the floors (I didn't know that could happen)

My rolls of vellum, a total loss!
Mark's comic collection this is one of 3 boxes (they were white boxes)

My little studio is now a temporary storage room for my tools and things I stored in the basement.

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