Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Card Making Day at School!

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to teach 5th - 7th grade girls at Malik's school an intro to rubber stamping and how use them to create greeting cards. Eight out of the nine girls were completely new to the "stamping" world, I have to admit these girls blew me away! Every single one of their cards were phenomenal below are pictures of them hard at work unfortunately, because we were running out of time and we had the bus drivers waiting for them I forgot to take pictures of their finished work. I've asked the principal to take some pictures for me so hopefully I'll have that on tomorrow's post.

(Here are the cards I designed for the girls. Easy stamping, with lots of coloring and detail cutting and dimension)

(These are our 7th graders listening to me give the instructions for their 1st card)

(Our 6th graders focusing on their card)
(Our 5th graders in action)

(Manka, (the one on the right) is my little stamping sidekick)

I think I converted Selvi (Manka's mom & my good friend) into a stamper! Woo-Hooo!
Even the boys wanted a shot at stamping, we had to kick them out this time.
I think the next class will have to be a co-ed stamp class. LOL

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Elizabeth said...

How great to pass on your passion! Definitely have a co-ed class in the future. My nephews are 13 and even though they act indifferent when invited, they love to come over and make cards and scrapbook. They love using the different cutting tools in different ways.

skye said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!
I'm loving the blog hop party started over at CutCardStock - it's so much fun to "meet" new people.