Monday, March 2, 2009

I've been MIA

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post, shame on me...

So much has been happening in "Vianney's world". Through the lovely world wide web I've reunited with quite a few old high school & college friends. As you can imagine my time has been spent on the phone, emailing and meeting up with long lost friends catching up on 10 - 15 + yrs.

I haven't stopped my designs though... on top of working on a wedding in Canada I've also made a few cards for some of my friends. Here are a couple cards I've made:
This card is for my friend Irene, she threw her husband a birthday party two weeks ago and their home. What fun actually hanging out and having drinks with friends! I'm not much of a "hard liquor" person and I don't like Tequila at all but after a few shots, I forgot why I didn't like it. LOL

Unfortunately, I remembered the following day as I prayed to the porcelain Gods. hee! hee!

It's a simple but a adorable little card featuring a little Asian doll by Hero Arts and an intricate paper lace background by Kodomo Inc.

This card was made for one of my re-found friends Lucy. I used a digi stamp by squigglefly, I absolutely love them! She made me dinner last Tuesday and OMG can she cook! She makes my cooking skills look like Chef Boyardee! lol

It was such a great night chatting with her and another friend Irene. No kids, no whining just 3 gals hanging out at home.

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Meghan said...

Such sweet cards!!!