Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy Weekend!

Thank goodness our craft fair was a success thing past weekend.
We had the awesome vendors and the food we had was BEYOND words!
Our Turkish parents made the best of everything, Gezleme, Baklava, Manti and so many other dishes. I can't pronounce them much less attempt to spell them all but trust me every single dish was beyond delicious! :)
After our fair Mark, the kids and I headed over to our friends Vince's house for a bday party.
Vince turned 37 yrs old, we had a blast reminiscing on the high school days. Ian and Miranda were also on their best behavior, I'm surprised they were still awake at 11:30pm when we left.
Today, I'm taking it easy. I'm so NOT in the mood to do anything, so here I sit attempting to figure out how to enhance my blogspot. Though I have to admit I'm not catching on so I'm going to lean and beg my good friend David to do his techie, geeky magic. :)
You know I luv ya right!

In case you're wondering these adorable snowpeople belong to one of our vendors Dottie. If you're interested in one please let me know so I can give you Dottie's information. I swear they are even more adorable up close. My sister-in-law is going to love the one we bought her, he's wearing a Chicago Bears outfit. I'm sure it'll bring a little bit of home to her new home in Texas.

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